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Generac Home Generator Program from Wheeler Basin Natural Gas Company

Home Generator Program Details

Type: 24KW Generator with Transfer Switch (18KW, 22KW, and 26KW also available)
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Voltage: 120/240 Standard

Generator Type

  • Our stock unit features the premium Generac 24KW Guardian Series as well as 18KW, 22KW, and 26KW, complete with a transfer switch and pad included
  • EPA Certified
  • The cutting-edge Generac "Response Series" offers utility-grade generator capabilities, seamlessly integrated with Wi-Fi, smartphones, tablets, and personal computers
  • Gresco provides all Generac Generator sizes and options, please contact our sales team for more information
  • Our valued customers enjoy full access to the extensive range of Generac product lines through Gresco

Generator Maintenance

  • The Generac certified maintenance installer will offer a maintenance contract when installed


Financing the Unit

• Explore potential financing solutions for your unit and installation with the possibility of assistance from Generac and Synchrony. To gain further insights and details, please reach out to our knowledgeable Gresco sales team

Warranty Information

• Enhance your peace of mind with the option to secure an extended warranty of up to 10 years when you purchase any Home Standby Generator

Generator Installations

• Gresco offers a complimentary site validation service to guarantee that our customers receive the ideal generator solution for their homes. For scheduling, please get in touch with our dedicated sales support team

• Additionally, we can provide a comprehensive quote that encompasses both installation and generator costs for your convenience


Generac Home Generator Pad


Powering The Home

  • Reliable Power, Always: Generac generators ensure uninterrupted power, making blackouts a thing of the past. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with constant electricity, no matter the circumstances
  • Seamless Integration: Generac generators seamlessly integrate with your home, automatically kicking in when needed. Say goodbye to manual generator operation and hello to effortless power continuity
  • Tailored for Your Needs: With a wide range of sizes and options, Generac generators can be customized to meet your specific power requirements. Experience the comfort of having a generator that perfectly fits your home's needs

Natural Gas

  • Generac's Home Standby Generator series includes a Natural Gas modification switch, ready for your convenience
  • Please note that the connection to the fuel source should be undertaken by a certified professional installer and must be approved by your utility company for safety and compliance


For More Information Please Contact

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Inside Sales
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Gunnar Goldie

Renewable Technology Specialist
PH: (412) 977-1688
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