Natural Gas Promotions

Gas Appliance Rebate Program

(Effective January 1, 2024 – April 30, 2024)

Rebate Qualifications

Participants must meet the following conditions to qualify for the rebate program.

  • The rebate program is for new customers and existing customer conversions.
  • Participants must provide proof of ownership of the premises.
  • Participants must apply and pay for a new gas service during the rebate period.
  • Participants are responsible for the purchase and installation of a new gas appliance.
  • WBNG shall not be responsible for appliance warranties or liabilities associated with the installation of the new gas appliance.
  • Participants must complete a Rebate Form and provide a receipt showing proof of purchase.
  • A WBNG representative shall visually inspect the new gas appliance to verify installation. Inspections shall be scheduled Monday – Friday from 7:00 to 3:00.
  • After the inspection has been completed and the customer has been approved for a rebate, a credit for the rebate amount will be applied to the customer account.
  • The maximum rebate amount is $1,000 per customer account.
  • The rebate eligibility is at the sole discretion of the Company.

Rebate Schedule

Rebate for New Services/Conversions

Natural Gas Furnace (Duel Fuel not eligible) $500
Natural Gas Water Heater  $300

* Maximum allowed rebate is $1,000 per account

Discounts Applied Toward Tap Fee

Natural Gas Furnace (Duel Fuel not eligible) $300
Natural Gas Water Heater  $300

* Minimum Connect Fee of $50

Example: New customer installs a gas furnace and water heater.

Rebate = $500 (furnace rebate) +$300 (water heater rebate) = $800 credit on account

Tap Fee = $600 - $300 (furnace discount) - $300 (water heater discount) = $0.

Customer only pays minimum connect fee of $50.

Rebate Form

Service Address

Wheeler Basin Natural Gas Company

24738 AL HWY 24

Trinity, AL 35673

P: (256) 974-9023

F: (256) 686-0486